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A brief history of District Veterinarians (current) back to Inspectors of Sheep (1860)

District Veterinarians
1990 to present

District Veterinarians changed their name from Veterinary Inspectors in 1990. Back copies of Proceedings of annual conferences can be found in the menu above.

Veterinary Inspectors
1958 to 1989

Veterinary Inspectors changed their name from Inspectors of Stock to better reflect their professional work in 1958. Back copies of Year Books can be found in the menu above. Year Books were discontinued in 1974 and replaced with Proceedings of annual conferences, starting in 1975.

Inspectors of Stock
~1888 to 1957

The Inspectors of Stock organised an Institute (The Institute of Stock Inspectors of NSW) and held their first conference in 1918. The details of the 1918 conference up until the 1936 conference can be found in the above menu. The details here have been sourced from the National Library of Australia. The Institute began issuing Year Books in 1937 and these annual publications continued up until 1974.

Review a short history of the Stock Inspectors (pdf file).

Review a summary of conferences of the Institute of Stock Inspectors of NSW from 1918 to 1936 (pdf file).

Review a short history of the formation of Pastures Protection Boards and Inspectors of Sheep in the nineteenth century.

District Veterinarian timeline


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