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National Advocate, Saturday 12 May 1917, page 4

Mr. J. J. Sullivan Again




During a discussion on half-rate concessions on wire netting at the monthly meeting of the Bathurst P. P. Board, Mr. J. J. Sullivan yesterday trenchantly criticised the district Stock Inspector's report and work.

The advisability of inspecting wire netting fences before or after the applications for half rate allowance, was under consideration, when Mr. Sullivan asked if the holdings on which half-rate wire netting was erected, had been inspected by Mr. Brett since the last meeting. He was informed that they had not. Mr. Sullivan then pointed out that it was fully six months since he had moved a resolution to the effect that Mr. Brett should inspect the fences in one portion of the district and Mr. Lynch those in the remainder, yet, the fences had not been inspected. At a previous meeting, Mr. Brett had been asked about the matter, and he made some excuse about the bad weather.

Mr. Brett : I do not think the weather ever prevented me.

Mr. Sullivan: Mr. Brett states that he has a considerable amount of work to do in the office. I reckon there is not more than a couple of days work a week to be done in the office, and sometimes there is hardly more than one day's work there. Mr. Brett found time to go to Dubbo to inspect stock in another district,—stock that have been affected by worms in the stomach—I consider that an absolute farce. Why should he waste his time in this manner. It would be better if he were to spend his time attending to a threatened outbreak of swine-fever in his own district.

Mr. Brett: I have attended to the swine trouble and the affected swine are all within the quarantined area.

Mr Sullivan: When did you inspect the pigs?—At the end of April.

Mr. Sullivan: You should attend regularly to the place and see that the instructions are carried out

Mr. Brett: I have been doing so. I inspected a number of places recently.

Mr. Sullivan : What is the good of inspecting some. You ought to attend to the whole lot. It is your duty to be there and personally attend to it. You have had plenty of time to go into other districts to inpect stock.

Mr. Brett : With the permission of the Chief Inspector.

Mr. Sullivan : Yes ! When you asked for it.

Mr. Sullivan went on to say that. Mr. Brett had been instructed to prosecute owners of travelling stock, who had not secured permits, but this also, he had not done, nor had he offered any explanation why. "It is only making little of the Board," he continued. ''by saying that your duties in the office are increasing."

The discussion then reverted to the wire-netting.


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