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Moree Gwydir Examiner and General Advertiser, Tuesday 12 March 1918, page 4

P. P. Board


The monthly meeting of the Moree P.P. Board was held at the Shire Hall on Wednesday afternoon. There were present : The Chairman (Director J. E. Cory), and Directors H. J. Cameron, P. B. Fenwick, J. P. Innes, B. Proctor, J. T. W. Scott, G. E. Smith, and R. A. Read.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed, on the motion of Directors' Cameron and Innes.


From T. R. Hogan, thanking the Board for increasing the audit fee from £10 6s to £10 10s.—Received.

From McKenzie and Carter, on behalf of Mrs. L. M. Moore, or "Miroobil," applying for a refund of £6 19s 6d . travelling charges imposed on a renewed permit for 1,550 ewes travelling from "Lairdoo" to "Miroobil."— Decided to refund the amount of travelling charges.

From the Wagga P.P. Board, enclosing copy of a resolution passed by that Board, and asking the Moree Board's cooperation.—Decided that no action be taken.

From A. B. F. Zlotkowski, with reference to the prosecution of Mr. E. Tomlinson for failing to destroy rabbits on his holding, pointing out that Mr. Tomlinson considered the action as one of oppression, as he had always made every effort to keep the rabbits down on his holding.—Received.

From E. G. Mitchell, Terry-Hie-Hie, informing the Board that he had erected a rabbit-proof fence on his boundary, and asking the Board to inspect same.—The Inspector was instructed to inspect and report on same.

From E. C. Bluett, Secretary of the Institute of P.P. Board Officials in N.S.W., stating that a conference of members would be held in Sydney on the 25th, 26th, and 27th March.— Decided that leave of absence be granted Inspectors Copeland and Glennan to attend the conference.

From S. T. D. Symons, Chief Inspector of Stock, stating that approval had been granted for the Board to pay Mr. Acting Stock Inspector Copeland. an honorarium of £50 for the year 1917.—Received.

From F. W. Chapman, manager of "Cleveland," Mungindi, stating that he had completed 10 rabbit pits on the "Cleveland" portion of the barrier fence, and pointing out that 200 rabbits had been caught in one week.— Received.

From the Mayor of the Moree Municipal Council (Ald. D. B. Suttie), stating that a design for the Moree District Memorial Town Hall had been selected, and that a public meeting would be held on Wednesday morning next for the purpose of considering same.—Received.

From P. A. Wright, Wallamumbi Station, Armidale, protesting against the tar brand granted to Mr. W. Duff, "Retreat," Millie, owing to it being very similar to his own brand.—Referred to the Stock Inspector for attention.


The Rabbit Inspector (Mr. T. P. Glennan), reported that during the past month he had made an inspection of numerous holdings. He had now a thorough knowledge of the rabbit infested areas, and he was able to get over a large tract of country without any useless or unnecessary travelling in better time. Good results were being got just now by poisoning, and the work of destruction was, in most places, receiving attention. As the grass and herbage was drying up, rabbits were taking the bait more freely than earlier in the year, and results were more encouraging. He regretted having to inform the Board that there were still quite a number of landowners who were neglectful of their obligation to carry on the work of rabbit destruction. He was of the opinion that this unsatisfactory state of affairs would continue unless more drastic stops were taken. Where reasonable successful effort had been made, he made every allowance, but he could not overlook those who were seemingly determined to flout the law, the Board, and its officers, and who by their indifference menaced the adjoining lands. It was useless recommending legal action whilst irregularities existed which would nullify any proceedings. In a special report on the P.W.P., near White Swamp, the Inspector reported that he had made an inspection, and found part of the block badly borrowed and a good many hollow logs, which afforded rabbit harbor, and which he had requested the lessee to destroy. He had also made an inspection of "Echo," and found that the lessee was endeavoring to deal with the pest. With regard to A. U. Ezzy's special lease 16/45, fronting the Mehi River, he found, on enquiry at the Lands Office, that although the Minister had approved of the lease, it had not been duly gazetted, and Mr. Ezzy had no title to the land until it was. Mr. Ezzy had informed him that he did not intend taking any steps to deal with the rabbits until he had obtained a proper title. The state of the land was most unsatisfactory.

On the motion of Directors Read and Innes, the Rabbit Inspector was instructed to inspect and report on the rabbits in Mclntosh's paddock adjoining Kooroogama.

The Stock Inspector (Mr. H. W. Copeland), reported that the state of the pasture was mostly good, but it was now ripening and drying off. There was plenty of substance, and stock was doing well. The water supply was good in all parts. All stock were in good condition. On most of the travelling stock routes the feed and water was good, and the burrs were ripening. There had been one fresh outbreak of pleuro since the last meeting, and one holding in quarantine had been released. He had inspected 664 sheep and 3,237 cattle. The number of permits to travel issued was 146, and two permits had been renewed. The amount of £12 3s 11d had been collected in travelling charges. A start had been made to poison the Yarraman Reserve, but it was doubtful if whether the result would be altogether satisfactory owing to the heavy cover.

The Secretary's statement of the wire-netting account was received, on the motion of Director Scott, seconded by Director Procter.


Accounts amounting to £25 15s 9d were passed for payment.

Director Fenwick proposed that Constable George Chester Ferris, of Boomi, be appointed an acting inspector for the purpose of issuing original permits for sheep to travel.

Seconded by Director Read, and carried.

Proposed by Director Fenwick that the Secretary be instructed to take the necessary action to have a 10-chain classification reserve at Boomi opened as a T.S.R.

Seconded by Director Smith, and carried.

It was decided, on the motion of Director Read, seconded by Director Innes, to hold the next meeting on April 10.

The meeting then closed.


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