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Sydney Morning Herald, Monday 18 March 1918, page 5



BATHURST.—At the last meeting of the P.P. local board a communication was received from the general secretary of the Institute of P.P. Board officials intimating that a conference was about to be held in Sydney, and asking that leave be granted the officers concerned, and stating that the payment of the delegates' expenses would be approved of by the Minister. The local secretary remarked to the board that it would be impossible for the office to shut up for the conference period so that all the officials might attend. The institute, however, was purely for the benefit of stock inspectors. The conference business paper contained a notice of motion in favour of a minimum of £400 per year for stock inspectors, but only £150 for board secretaries, while rabbit inspectors were not even mentioned. Mr. A. J. Brownlow moved for leave for the stock inspector to attend, and that £5 be voted for expenses. Mr. E. G. Lynch, the rabbit inspector, said he took the same stand as the secretary, and would refuse to have anything to do with the institute. The secretary argued that the purpose of the conference was to establish a body for the furthering of the stock inspectors' interests only. Finally. Mr. Brownlow's motion was amended so as to grant leave to the inspector to attend, but deletlng the voting of expenses. This was carried.


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