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Daily Telegraph, Thursday 21 March 1918, page 3



The formation of the Institute of P.P. Board officials—stock inspectors, secretaries and rabbit inspectors—is well under way, and the inaugural meeting and conference is to be opened in Sydney by the Minister for Agriculture next Monday morning. This ceremony will be followed by a lecture by Mr. Symons, Chief Inspector of Stock, on stock quarantine laws, dealing with the subject from the early days in the history of the State up to the present time. In the afternoon Mr. W. W. Froggatt, Government Entomologist, will lecture on "External Parasites of Stock." On Tuesday morning Dr. Dodd, of Sydney University, will address the conference on "Internal Parasites of Live Stock," and in the afternoon a visit will be made to the new stock quarantine station at Abbotsford and also to the Homebush Abattoirs. Mr. E. Breakwell, Government Agrostologist, will lecture on the "Native Fodder Plant Problem of N.S.W.," on Wednesday morning.


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