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Sydney Stock and Station Journal, Friday 22 March 1918, page 15

P.P. Board's Officials






This week there came an invitation to attend a conference of the Institute of P.P. Board Officials of N.S.W, to be held in Sydney on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, March 25, 26, 27.

It was the first we heard of such an Institute, but that possibly was our loss. Still, why keep such a movement so quiet that not even the papers hear anything much concerning it. Advertise !

From enquiries made, we learn that it is a movement to organise stock inspectors, rabbit inspectors, and P.P. Board secretaries. The annual fee was suggested at 10/6 all round. A proposal will come before conference, however, to make it £2/2/- for stock inspectors, £1/1/- for rabbit inspectors, and 10/6 for Board secretaries. It seems that the Institute cannot be run on 10/6.

One of the ideas at the back of the movement is to raise salaries, and that is always a popular plank in a platform. What else there is behind it we don't know, but perhaps somebody who does know will write in and tell us.

For the inspectors to meet and exchange ideas probably would be a good thing. How this, that, or the other was done in various districts should be interesting, and helpful, to Inspectors. Whether, however, an annual conference would be sufficient in this direction is at least debatable. How it is going to appeal to the secretaries is another matter. Mostly they have businesses of their own, and the institute might look to them like waste time.

At next week's conference, papers on matters of interest to the delegates will be read by Messrs. S. T. D. Symons (Chief Inspector of Stock), W. W. Froggatt (Government Entomologist), E. Kirkwell, and Dr. Dodd. The provisional secretary is Mr. E. G. Bluett.

After next week; we ought to know more about it, what the institute wants to become, and what are the chances.


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