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Sun, Sydney, Tuesday 26 March 1918, page 7


Alexandria Goods Yards

The Alexandria goods yards will be closed for business on Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Monday, but will be open till 10 a.m. on Saturday and Monday for the delivery of perishable goods.

Extinguishing the Small Stockowner

Harden. Tuesday.—Discussing the stinkwort weed at the annual meeting of the local branch of the Farmers and Settlers' Association, one of the members said that if the stlnkwort was allowed to keep on flourishing as at present there would be no need for meat price-fixing—the weed would do that for them, and extinguish the small stock owner.

New Zealand's Butter

Wellington, March 21.—According to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Mr. Massey, the season has been a good one, and the supply of dairy produce has kept up remarkably well. "In order to provide for winter wants," he says, "a sufficient quantity will be kept in New Zealand for that purpose, the surplus going to tho Imperial Government. The British Food Controller advances to the producers 90 per cent, of the value of the butter for Great Britain, the balance being paid on shipment.

Stock Inspectors' Conference

Stock Inspectors and other officials of the Pastures Protection Board, continued their first inaugural meeting and conference in the King's Hall, Hunter-street, to-day, when an interesting lecture on lnternal parasites of live stock was delivered by Mr. S. Dodd, lecturer in veterinary pathology and bacteriology at Sydney University. During the afternoon members of the conference visited the quarantine grounds and the Homebush abattoirs. The conference will resume its sittings tomorrow.

Deserted 21 Years Ago

In the Divorce Court to-day, Mr. Justice Harvey granted a decree nisi in the suit in which Emma Mathleson (formerly Bradley) petitioned for a dissolution of her marriage with Francis Rennie Mathleson, on the ground of desertion. The parties were married in May, 1892, at Leichhardt. Mr. Maddocks Cohen appeared for the petitioner. Mr. Justice Harvey said that he was satisfied that the respondent had deserted his wife 21 years ago, and want of means had prevented Mrs. Mathleson from applying to the court earlier.

Shot Husband in Arm

When William John Moloney petitioned Mr. Justice Harvey, in the Divorce Court, to-day, to dissolve his marriage with Agnes Moloney (formerly Martin), on the ground of misconduct, he stated that some time after the marriage, which took place In March, 1914, at Redfern, his wife began to drink, and during a quarrel she shot him in the arm twice, and he was in hospital for about a month. Petitioner also gave evidence as to the misconduct alleged. Mr. Justice Harvey granted a decree nisi. Petitioner was represented by Mr. E. R. Abigail.


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