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Hillston Spectator and Lachlan River Advertiser, Saturday 6 April 1918, page 6

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At the Sydney Show on Monday the Ladies' High Jump was won by Mr Culley's Birdwood, 6ft. 3in.; Emu Plains, Sunbeam, and Half-Holiday tied for second place. In the Ladies' High Jump Miss Dolly Fogg, while riding Mr Weir's Peter, was seriously injured when trying to negotiate a six-feet hurdle. It is believed that she is suffering internally.

The conference of Pastures Protection Board officials, which was opened in Sydney on Monday last, has concluded its labors. Amongst the principal resolutions were the following : "That the present system of paying an inspector of stock a salary out of which he has to find his equipment and travelling expenses constitutes a tax on the energetic officer, and is against the best interests of the working of the department. In the opinion of this conference the salary should be a net amount, and expenses allowed at so much per day while away from headquarters." "Where an officer is solely employed as a rabbit inspector his minimum salary should be £300 a year, with a forage allowance that should also cover the wear and tear of equipment."

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