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Bathurst Times, Friday 12 April 1918, page 3







The reading of the following letter, which was merely received, caused much amusement at today's meeting of the Bathurst Pastures Protection Board:

"Sir,—I received your notice of finality with regard to my stock returns, and I most humbly beg to state that I sent you my returns of stock (which are nil) at the proper time, stating that I had no stock, no fence, and could not develop on account of the war. As regards the amount of land that I hold, you could see that for yourself, if you were not too lazy to look in your books. In my humble opinion, if the P.P. Board were sent to the front along with their secretary, they would be more useful to their country than sending out intimidating documents to harass the man on the land. If you don't get this, you can go without, so far as I am concerned. I have a witness that I posted it, and I don't guarantee safe delivery with a rotten Government that can't look after their own mail bags.

"I have got it on my mind that you received my first returns, but, as it was not filled up in the usual way, you want to show off your undemocratic authority of the P.P. Board. 'Tis a wonder to me that the alternative was not 25 years with confiscation, instead of £25 fine. The people that formed that Act must have been dragged up in a penal settlement. Anyway, such documents are not fit to send to the enlightened and intelligent people that are on the land now-a-days :

"I have the honor to be, sir, your most humble and submissive and subdued, but not conquered man on the land.

"(Signed) F. WILLIAMS.

"Boggy Flat, Sodwalls."


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