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Muswellbrook Chronicle, Saturday 13 April 1918, page 1



The monthly meeting of the Denman Pastures Protection Board was held on the 5th Inst. There were present Messrs J. C. White (Chairman), E. Bowman, A. McTaggart, T. Phillips, J. Lonergan-Scholes, C. Brooks (Stock Inspector) and W. R. Nowland, Secretary.

The Inspector submitted a brief report re prosecutions for the non-suppression of rabbits.

A letter was read from the Agricultural Department re proposals for dealing with the grasshopper pest, and making inquiries thereon, and the Secretary reported that the official answer thereto was that there were no grasshoppers at present in the district.

The Chairman stated he had received an urgent wire stating that Mr. Gurney of the Agricultural Department was visiting Muswellbrook that afternoon to discuss the grasshopper pest question.

Since last meeting the Upper Hunter Pastures Protection Board communicated with the Denman Board desiring its concurrence in the agreement that the inspector attend the Conference of Stock Inspectors and stated it had voted £5 for his expenses in attending it. This had been done by the Scone Board, and he (the chairman) agreed that Muswellbrook pay Mr. Brooks £2/10/ in addition thereto, as the conference was one of the P. P. officials of New South Wales, and it was desirable that stock inspectors attend it.

Mr. Brooks reported that he had attended the conference on the 24th 25th and 26th of last month, and was appointed a vice-president. He considered that much good was to be derived from such conferences, because previously, during his 17 years in the position of stock inspector, he had not met more than five of his brother officers. Several interesting lectures on matters of importance to men on the land were delivered, and the Chief Inspector of Stock intended to have some of them elaborated and distributed. The conference idea he considered a good one.

Mr. Lonergan moved that the chairman's action in granting Mr. Brooks £2/10/0 as part payment of expenses to the P. P. officials' conference be endorsed. Seconded by Mr. Phillips and carried.

Mr. Brooks again speaking, said he had picked up a number of valuable hints at the conference, and was pleased to have other opinions an well as his own upon matters in which stockowners were interested.

The chairman considered that while good might be derived by the holding of such conferences, he considered that some of those who attended the one under notice, had touched upon matters outside their province, and which they had not been appointed to deal with. He did not think boards would pay the expenses of officials to attend conferences to arrange their own salaries.

A letter was read from the stock branch of the Agricultural Department in reference to the Board's opinion, and Mr. J. C. Bowman's letter of protest, stating that all brands were essential at present on travelling statements, as that was the only means of tracing missing stock.

With regard to the travelling stock reserve in Denman and Yarraman, which it was suggested to lease, and upon which the District Surveyor had been asked to report, a communication was read from the Department of Lands to the effect that it was not reasonable for any person to put himself in the position of tenant for it, as a special or prickly pear lease.

It was however reported by the Inspector that Mr. T. J. Purvis was prepared to lease portion of the Wybong reserve for £10 per year.

Mr. McTaggart proposed that the Lands Department be so informed. Seconded by Mr. Phillips and carried.

The Clerk reported he had received the usual copies of proclamations re suppression of rabbits and noxious animals. It was not compulsory to use poison within ten miles of a railway.

Official intimation was received that owing to the abnormal price of wire netting, applications for same would be restricted to cash sales and urgent cases.

A request from the Shire Council that the Boards' rabbit inspector be permitted to act as inspector of noxious weeds in the Shire was granted, on the motion of Mr. McTaggart, seconded by Mr. Lonergan.

Accounts were passed to the amount of £40/5/2, and the Secretary reported the funds to be in credit on current account to the amount of £3/2/6, and £230 in the Government Savings Bank.



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