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Bathurst Times, Friday 14 June 1918, page 2






The usual calm of the P.P. Board room was riffled about noon to-day when Mr. J. J. Sullivan and Mr. C. R. Brett came into conflict. Just how or where or when the thing originated is not clearly known, but the two began "throwing of" at each other. It was while this was going on that Mr. Sullivan rose from his chair, and rushing around the table to where Mr. Brett sat, the redoutable J. J. struck the Inspector while the latter was rising from his chair. Blows were freely exchanged and the conflict raged up and down the room and around the table. Neither man, however, succeeded in getting a strangle-hold. The battle was brought to an end before any great damage was done, but it is confidently expected that the offensive will be resumed and fought to a finish at an early opportunity. After the adjournment of the Board Mr. Sullivan felt inclined to renew hostilities but the chairman, Mr. Boyd, put his foot down firmly on the proposal by ruling Mr. Sullivan out of order. No doubt both will got into active train for their next meeting. In the meantime reserves are being rushed up from the rear in view of an early resumption.


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