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The Deniliquin Independent, Friday 5 July 1918, page 2

Pastures Protection Board.




The monthly meeting of directors of the Pastures Protection Board for the district was held yesterday morning. Mr D. Glenn (president) occupied the chair, and there were also present Messrs W. R. Clarke, J. V. Ingram, Geo. Howat, R. W. McLaurin, and G. P. Thornley. Apologies were received for the non-attendance of Messrs John Clark and John Armstrong.


Mr Glenn said he attended the annual conference held in Sydney on 25th ultimo, and had supported the motions which he thought were for the benefit of the country, and voted against those which he considered harmful. The resolution brought forward by the Wagga Board to take over the control of P.W.P.'s was carried with only one dissentient. He was sorry to say that the Board's resolution to allow rates to be charged on stock sent for agistment from another district found no seconder. It was the last motion on the business paper, and as it was 11 o'clock at night members were hurrying to get away.

On the motion of Messrs Ingram and McLaurin, a vote of thanks was passed to Mr Glenn for his services.


From John Westerdale, junr., Finley, saying he had sold his farm of 520 acres on the Tuppal settlement to Duncan Campbell, and that he had taken possession on 14th April.

From the Department of Agriculture saying the Minister had approved of Mr Murray Wyse to issue renewal permits and collect travelling charges under the Pastures Protection Act, 1912, also to sign health certificates under the Stock Act 1901, Part IV. imported stock, during the absence of Mr Stock Inspector Weir on military duty ; also that the Railway Commissioners had approved of his being authorised to sign store stock certificates during the absence of Mr Stock Inspector Weir.

From N. A. Bucknall, Bodborough Vale, Victoria, saying he had leased to Mr Pierce, of Melbourne, 1880 acres of Company's Plain, Tocumwal.

From acting-secretary Aborigines Protection Board acknowledging receipt of assessment notice for the Aboriginal Station at Cumeroogunga for the amount of 17s 7d, and returning same, as being Government land and stock same was not liable to rates.—On the motion of Messrs Ingram and Clarke it was decided that the amount be struck off in the rate book.

From J. B. Cowie asking the Board to oppose an application for a special lease of land with a frontage to the Gulpha known as Prentice.—On the motion of Messrs Howat and Clarke it was decided to oppose the application. From Johnson Bros., Woorak, Mathoura, applying for refund of half rates.—Referred to Inspector Toll for report.

From the Chief Inspector of Stock saying that at the inaugural conference of the Institute of Stock Inspectors and Pastures Protection Board Officials held in Sydney in March last, a resolution in favor of stock inspectors being granted an equipment and travelling allowance was adopted. After the members giving the matter, careful consideration the chief inspector said he was of opinion that the best way to rearrange the remuneration of the officials in question was to keep the salary quite distinct from expenses of travelling, and had therefore decided that a maximum salary of £350 per annum should be fixed, that travelling expenses up to 12s 6d per day should be allowed, and that a maximum of £100 should be made for equipment. Before bringing his decision into operation the Minister would be pleased to receive any representations the Board may desire to make on the matter.

From same saying the conference had also passed the following resolution :—"That where an officer is solely employed as a rabbit inspector his minimum salary should be £300 a year with a forage allowance that should also cover the wear and tear of equipment."

On the motion of Mr Ingram, seconded by Mr Clarke, the secretary was instructed to reply stating that the Board paid its employees good salaries, and considering the present war conditions did not feel justified in expending more than was required.

Inspectors' Reports.

The reports of Messrs Toll and Gardiner were read, and each showed that considerable work was being performed throughout the district.

After formal business had been attended to, the meeting terminated.



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