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Bathurst Times, Friday 12 July 1918, page 3







The salary of stock inspectors was a question introduced at a meeting of the Bathurst P.P. Board this morning, when a communication from the Chief Inspector of Stock was read. This advised that the Minister for Agriculture had decided to fix the minimum salary at £350, with 12/6 a day travelling expenses, and an allowance of £100 a year for the maintenance of "a vehicle and two horses or a motor car."

The Chief Inspector also advised that the question of fixing the rabbit inspectors' salaries at £300 a year, with a forage allowance, was in abeyance pending the views of the P.P. Boards.

The Minister's attitude in the matter is the outcome of resolutions recently passed at the stock inspectors' and P.P. Board officials' conference in Sydney.

Mr. Brownlow stated that he attended the P.P Convention and that it was unanimously decided that the matter of fixing salaries be left in the hands of the Board, and that the executive should reply to the circular.

Mr. Sullivan moved that the decision of the conference be approved by the Board.

Mr. Wallace, in seconding the motion, said the Board sent a delegate to the conference every year, and he thought the Board should take notice of any decision it came to.

The motion was carried.

So that the Board will oppose the increase through the convention executive.



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