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Bathurst Times, Friday 14 May 1920, page 2







The business at the P.P. Board this morning was being disposed of with the utmost tranquility, when, without any warning, the conditions became electrical. The disturber of the happy gathering was Mr. J. J. Sullivan, who "opened out" on the inspector (Mr. C. R. Brett) for making a recommendation for a refund of £2 8s 10d, representing travelling charges for eight head of horses from Newbridge to Narromine, the property of Mr. W. G. Brown, Wyagdon.

Mr. Sullivan said the inspector has no right to make recommendations.

The Inspector : I was especially asked to make a recommendation on this matter.

Mr. Sullivan : I do not think so. I did not hear it. I am strongly opposed to the inspector making the recommendations. It is a matter for the Board.

Mr. C. Boyd (chairman) : If anything is wrong is he supposed to notify us?

The Inspector : It is either for the Board to reject or accept the recommendation.

Mr. Boyd : We should know the position.

The Inspector : I was specially asked to recommend on it.

Mr. R. C. Webb: We should know the position. It may save us trouble later. I don't think we can take umbrage at the recommendation.

Mr. Sullivan : I take a different view of it. I say that the stock inspector should not make recommendations. A man may come to an arrangement with the stock inspector to make a favorable recommendation. I am strongly opposed to anything being done. There is nothing in the Act which calls on the stock inspector for such recommendations.

Mr. Boyd : A word from the inspector may save a lot of trouble.

Mr. Brownlow : I think it is for the Board to ask the inspector.

The Inspector: It is either for the Board to accept or reject it.

Mr. Brownlow: Did he state the facts of the case?

The Inspector: No.

Mr. Brownlow : Then he should have done so.

The Inspector : I get the particulars of all stock coming into the district to see if they are to be treated as starving stock and I claim to be in a position to make recommendations.

Mr. Boyd : It is a legitimate case.

A motion was then granted making a refund of £2 8s 10d.


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