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Bathurst Times, Saturday 15 May 1920, page 2



The monthly meeting, of the Bathurst P.P. Board was held at the Court House yesterday. Mr. C. Boyd (chairman) presided over Messrs. R. C. Webb, Wallace, Kerr, Brownlow, and Sullivan. An apology was received from Mr. A. Stevenson.


From Mr. L. J. McLean, late of Dulcis Vale, Limekilns, resigning his position as acting inspector of stock for the issue of permits and recommending that Mr. E. Grabham, of Clear Vale, Limekilns, be appointed in his stead.—Received and decided to appoint Mr. Grabham to the position.

From Mr. E. Payne, of Tarana, stating that he was about to leave Australia for six months and would be pleased if the Board would appoint his son as acting inspector for the issue of permits, during such absence.—Received and decided to grant the request.

From the Institute of Stock Inspectors' stating that the annual conference of the institute would be held in Sydney on the 18th to the 21st May, inclusive, and extending an invitation to the chairman and any of the members of the Board who may care to attend, and also asking that if the stock inspector is desirous of attending the conference that the Board will grant him the facilities to do so.—It was decided to grant leave to attend, Mr. Sullivan objecting to any institute going over the head of the head stock inspector.


Accounts amounting to £113 os 8d were passed for payment.


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