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National Advocate (Bathurst), Saturday 15 May 1920, page 2

Stock Inspector's Conference




The Bathurst P.P. Board, as its monthly meeting yesterday, received a letter from the Institute of Stock Inspectors stating that the annual Conference of the Institute would be hold in Sydney on the 18th to the 21st May. inclusive, and extending an invitation to the Chairman and any of the members of the Board who may care to attend, and also asking that if the Stock Inspector is desirous of attending the conference that the Board would grant him the facilities to do so.

Mr. J. J. Sullivan in moving that permission be granted to Mr. Brett to attend the Conference stated that while doing so he was opposed to the Inspector attending Conferences outside the department. If it was a departmental Conference convened by say, the Chief Inspector, it was an entirely different matter.

Mr. J. H. Kerr, seconded the resolution, which was carried unanimously.

Mr Brett requested that he should be relieved for a week from Monday next, the request was granted.


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