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Narandera Argus and Riverina Advertiser, Friday 21 May 1920, page 5


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Disastrous Drought.


The annual conference of the Institute of Stock Inspectors was opened on Tuesday by the Minister for Agriculture (Mr. W. F. Dunn) who said that since assuming Ministerial office his whole energies had been devoted to meeting the difficulties caused by the drought.

Continuing, Mr. Dunn remarked that the disaster which faced the State, besides threatening to overwhelm the rural districts, would cause every other industry to languish and wither, unless succor was given to the stockowners and farmers.

He said that he carried a message from the Premier. It sounded a call for subscriptions to the State loan, which was the best and most important loan over raised for State purposes. If the drought did not break, a new loan would have to be floated.

The Chief Inspector of Stock. Mr. Symons, said that owing to the mortality caused by the drought, any increase in the flocks and herds for many years could be looked upon as problematical.

He urged the members of the conference to act as advisers at all times in recommending the conservation of water and fodder, and the greater development of fodder crops to provide for times of stress.

A resolution was carried expressing sympathy with the pastoral, farming and dairying community of the State in the present critical stage through which it was now passing owing to the disastrous drought, and urging the Government to extend its efforts to alleviate the situation.


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