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Daily Telegraph, Saturday 28 May 1921, page 14





Yesterday morning the stock inspectors, who have been in conference in Sydney during the week, visited the works of Messrs. Meggitt, Limited, Parramatta, on the invitation of the directors. They were shown over the premises, and expressed themselves as highly delighted with the scientific methods adopted in the manufacture of stock foods. The chief inspector of stock, Mr. S. T. D. Symons, thanked Messrs. Meggitt's, for the opportunity afforded them of seeing over the works.

The wool scouring works of the Colonial Wool Combing Company, Botany, were visited during the afternoon. Mr. F. W. Hughes, managing-director acquainted the visitors with the intricacies of wool combing. The whole treatment was traced, from the raw article to the well prepared product. Mr. E. A. Hamilton (president of the Institute of Stock Inspectors) said that such excursions as these were of the greatest value, as each inspector was enabled to obtain information which he subsequently made use of in the course of his duties among stock owners.


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