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Sydney Morning Herald, Monday 30 May 1921, page 7



An important discussion took place at the Stock Inspectors' Conference on the question of compulsory dipping of sheep. Mr. S. T. D. Symons, chief inspector of stock, gave a brief introductory address on the subject. His main object in bringing the question before the conference was to enable them to express an opinion as to the desirability of taking such action which, he thought, could be accomplished under the provisions of the Act to make it incumbent upon all sheepowners to dip at prescribed periods. Certain parts of the western division would have to be exempted, because the sheep in those parts were not infested with skin parasites. The larger sheepowners found it to their advantage to dip. The difficulty of expense to the small sheepowner might be got over by cooperative dips. Mr. Symons referred to the advantages to be derived from dipping, and he welcomed any discussion or suggestions to arrive at something conclusive, so that he might be enabled to bring them under the notice of the Minister, with a view to arriving at a more satisfactory method of dealing with the subject.

In the course of an interesting discussion, on the subject, the consensus of opinion appeared to be in the direction of compulsory dipping.



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