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Western Age (Dubbo), Friday 14 October 1921, page 4

Stock Inspectors.


Claim for Higher Salaries.

Recently the stock inspectors of New South Wales, through their institute, entered a list of new claims covering salaries and conditions. Representatives of the institute later conferred with the P.P. Board Council of Advice in Sydney, and a tentative agreement was reached. The claim, along with the terms of the agreement, have now been furnished to the Boards. In forwarding the details, the Council of advice recommends favorable consideration of the tentative agreement "to save the expense of fighting the whole matter in the Arbitration Court."

The Claim.

The claim and agreement are as follows:—

Sarlaries.—A minimum of £400 per annum and a maximum of £520, according to years of service.

Equipment allowance of £150 per annum extra for all inspectors who use their own horses and vehicle, and £250 per annum for all who use their own motor cars.

Travelling allowances at the rate of 15s per day of 24 hours absent from home. In addition all costs of conveyance by rail, coach, steamer, or otherwise, at first class rates.

Leave of absence.—18 days in each year for practically all inspectors employed in Eastern and Central divisions, and 21 days for all others.

Extended leave of absence after ten years service to be granted for three months on full pay, or six months on half pay, and increasing up to twelve months on full pay, or twenty-four months on half pay, for service of forty years, by any inspector.

Removal expenses.—When an inspector is removed from one district to another to be allowed all actual necessary expenses of removal, including first-class fares for self, wife, children, and dependent relatives permanently residing with them.

Tentative Agreement.

Salaries.—£350 for the first and second years' service, increasing by £25 per year up to the seventh year, to £475, which is the maximum. No basic wage reduction to apply for three years. No inspector to be reduced from present salary if this award is adopted.

Equipment allowance.—For one horse and sulky £45 per year; two horses and vehicles £60 per year, and £10 per year for each extra horse necessary for the work, and actual cost of fodder used for horses; or, instead, at option of any Board, £125 per year.

For motor car owned by inspector, actual mileage travelled, eleven pence per mile.

For motor car provided By Board, all upkeep and running expenses to be provided.

For motor cycle owned by inspector, expenses to be allowed on a mileage basis at a rate to cover expenditure.

Travelling allowance up to 15s per day, but only for money actually paid during tho absence from office and in addition any necessary train, coach or steamer fares paid to carry out duties.

Leave of absence and extended leave of absence, and removal expenses were not considered fully for lack of time, but are not likely to be modified by Institute of Stock Inspectors.

The views of each Board are being sought.



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