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Young Witness, Saturday 24 June 1922, page 2



When a letter from Mr. Bluett, secretary of the Institute of Stock Inspectors, came before the Young P.P. 'Board on Thursday, asking for leave of absence to be granted to the stock inspector to attend the conference and also to pay his expenses, the chairman (Mr. Tout) expressed himself as strongly opposed. Mr. Tout described the annual conference of the Institute of Stock Inspectors as primarily a union meeting, and while he was in favor of unionism, he considered P.P. Boards and municipal and shire councils should not be required to pay the expenses of their officers to go to these union meetings. Mr. Tout said he had opposed a similar request to the shire council and got himself greatly disliked in consequence. However, he did not think it was right. He favored allowing the inspector a week's leave to attend the conference. Other directors shared Mr. Tout's views and a motion was carried to allow the inspector to attend if he wished at his own expense. Mr. Smith, Inspector of Stock, explained to the board that he personally had never sought to have his expenses paid to the conference, nor did he think it was right for the Institute to ask for concessions.


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