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Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 5 July 1922, page 9



The annual conference of the Institute of Stock Inspectors of New South Wales was opened yesterday morning in the Lecture Hall of the School of Arts, by the Minister for Agriculture, Mr. F. A. Chaffey, M.L.A.

The Minister said that while he regarded his Cabinet appointment as a personal honour, he also looked upon it as a recognition of Hawkesbury College, in which he had received the best of his training as a man on the land. He would advise any young man who had a desire to take up agriculture and who had gained some practical experience to go through a course at Hawkesbury College, the value of which could not be overestimated in making agriculture and stock raising a bread-and-butter science. In the nature of things the Agricultural Department was playing an important part in the development of the State, and the policy of the department, he was pleased to say, was to lead men in the right way, not to drive them by means of cast-iron regulations. One of the great advantages of the annual conferences in Sydney was that their stock inspectors, havlng been brought into touch with leading scientists, were able to carry back to the country districts knowledge which would be for the benefit of all engaged in agricultural pursuits and stock raising.

Mr. E. A. Hamilton (inspector of stock, Moss Vale), who is president of the institute, occupied the chair at the noon session, when Mr. S. T. D. Symons, M.R.C.V.S., chief inspector of stock, addressed the conference on "So-called Bot Flies."

In the afternoon Dr .S. Dodd, Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology and Bacteriology, University of Sydney, spoke about "Bacteria and Infection." The lecturer gave the conference the results of recent researches and experiments.

Stock Inspector W. L. Rees, of Inverell, followed by opening a discussion on "The Group System of Rabbit Destruction."

The conference will be resumed this morning at 10 o'clock, and will be closed on Friday.



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