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Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday 6 July 1922, page 7




The annual conference of the Institute of Stock Inspectors of New South Wales was continued yesterday in the lecture hall of the School of Arts, Mr. E. A. Hamilton, president of the institute, occupying the chair.

In submitting the annual report, Mr. Hamilton stated that during the past year strenuous efforts had been made to obtain a satisfactory award to cover salaries, equipment, and travelling allowances from the Arbitration Court. It had been hoped to obtain a consent award, and at the request of the P.P. Board's council of advice, a conference was arranged between the executive and their representatives in an endeavour to arrange terms acceptable to both parties, with the result that an agreement was reached. The Minister for Agriculture, however, refused to give his consent to an award based on that agreement, as he considered that the principle of grading of districts was essential to any scheme which would meet with departmental approval. A further conference was then held, at which the P.P. Board's council of advice, the Department of Agriculture, and the executive were represented, and an agreement was arrived at which formed the basis of a consent award obtained from the Court. This award would be gazetted on Friday next, the provisions effecting salaries being retrospective to August 11 last.

Of the new members who had taken over districts, Mr. Hamilton was glad to say that they had joined the institute to a man. Further efforts would be made to induce inspectors not already enrolled to become members.

Among the resolutions passed were: (1) That it be a recommendation from the council to the department "that pastures protection boards be given the power to lease travelling stock runs at their discretion without reference to the Minister, as at present prescribed. (2) That an increase be made in the sum set apart on the estimates by the Crown for the supply of rabbit-proof netting to all applicants who desire to erect it, and are in a position to give reasonable security; and (3) That the P.P. boards be allowed to spend monies from the reserves' improvement fund to do work necessary in the interests of travelling stock on roads or routes ordinarily used by stock, but which are not under the control of P.P. boards.

The following office-bearers were elected: —President, E. A. Hamilton; vice-presidents, R. W. Dawson and C. J. Woollett ; treasurer, E. A. Hamilton ; council, H. Copeland, E. A. Lucas, W. L. Rees, W. J. Smith, F. Hildred, E. Reuss, F. Madden, J. Kenny, H. M. Warburton, and C. L. Fielder.



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