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The Land, Friday 13 July 1923, page 20



A motion was carried at the resumed annual conference of the Institute of Stock Inspectors recommending that all stud bulls be sold subject to tuberculin test. It was stated that action on the lines suggested was urgently necessary, cases being mentioned in which valuable animals purchased were found on inspection to be diseased.

In a lecture designed for the guidance of inspectors in the preparation of specimens for examination, or for inclusion in a museum, Mr. R. Stewart, B.V.Sc., gave detailed directions for the making of preservatives for various classes of disease specimens. He commended a pamphlet on the subject, compiled by Mr. Max Henry, M.R.C.V.S., B.V.Sc., and Mr. E. Griffith, BSc., A.I.C., issued in September, 1920.

The following motions were carried:—

That any stock inspector who wishes may be appointed honorary inspector under the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; that stock inspectors in the western division be allowed to remove into a cooler climate after three years' service if required positions become available; that P.P. Boards requiring to do so be empowered to expend moneys for the purpose of establishing pounds where necessary for the purpose of keeping loose and straying stock off the reserves under their control, and where necessary to have power to subsidise a poundkeeper.



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