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Sun (Sydney), Monday 7 April 1924, page 9



Account of Stewardship


The Minister for Agriculture (Mr. Chaffey), in opening the annual conference of the Institute of Stock Inspectors of N.S.W., in the lecture hall of the Education Building today, said that he appreciated the good work which had accrued from these annual gatherings.

Since their last conference his Government had placed on the Statute Book the Veterinary Surgeons' Act, a measure which would give a better status to the stock inspectors, as well as the practicing veterinary surgeons themselves.

The Government, too, was particularly proud of the Stock Diseases Act. The amendment of the Registration of Brands Act was a movement which had been welcomed alike by producers of stock and those engaged in the leather trades.

The establishment of a veterinary station at Glenfield was another institution which the department looked to for good results.

"There can be no doubt," concluded the Minister, "that the department has done good work for the State.

"There had been some critcism of the administration in regard to P.P. Boards, but the work of those boards in the aggregate has been of extreme value, and in the coming session of Parliament an amendment of the Act applying to them will eliminate any of the objectionable features which have been causing complaint in the past."

The Minister was accorded a hearty vote of thanks.



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