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Farmer and Settler, Friday 11 April 1924, page 11


Pastures Protection




Mr. Chaffey's Assurance

The N.S.W. Minister for Agriculture (Mr. Chaffey), in opening the annual conference of the Institute of Stock Inspectors at the Education Building in Sydney on Monday, said that since the last conference, he had been able to place three new acts on the Statute Book, which would be of great value to the livestock industry. The Veterinary Surgeon's Act, one of the three passed, would give better status to stock inspectors. He held very strongly that stock inspectors should be eligible under the Act for registration, as they were far more qualified than many of the uncertificated men that would be registered. Everything promised well for the sound and efficient administration of the Act.

The Stock Diseases Act (Mr. Chaffey said) gave the inspectors powers they never previously had to grip and hold any outbreaks of disease and the Registration of Brands' Act, the third measure passed, would also facilitate their work. He expressed the hope that during next session he would secure the passage of a Horse-Breeding Act, to provide for the registration of stallions and horse improvement. Referring to various proposals made for the abolition of the Pastures Protection Boards the Minister said that such proposals were a waste of time. There were certain amendments of the Act that were necessary, but the P.P. boards had proved their value to the stockowners of the State. During next session the Act would be amended and the little difficulties that affected people in different parts of the State would be adjusted.



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