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Country Life Stock and Station Journal (Sydney), Friday 2 May 1924, page 5

Good Australians 61

Mr. E. A. Hamilton

MR. E. A. HAMILTON, Stock Inspector, whose address is Moss Vale, is President of the Institute of Stock Inspectors. He has occupied the position for three years, and the fact that he has been re-elected twice shows that he is the right man for the position. He is a splendid organiser.

Twelve years ago, when he was first appointed, Mr. Hamilton was the youngest Stock Inspector in N.S.W. He still looks very young—he cannot be as young as he looks! Anyway, this is the age of the young man. Time was when a man had to have a beard before he had a chance. Now—as soon as he has got a job he has his chance.

The Institute of Stock Inspectors was formed only about six years ago. To-day all of the Stock Inspectors, with one exception, are members of it. They hold their annual conference, read papers on all sorts of subjects bearing directly on their work, talk things over, pass resolutions, listen to addresses, and generally are finding that the get-together habit is one of the best.

On the authorty of the Minister for Agriculture (Mr. Chaffey). it can be stated that the Institute of Stock Inspectors has brought about greater efficiency in the field staff of the Department of Agriculture. The Institute gets in touch with its members, is ready to serve them whenever called upon, and in many ways has proved of real practical value.

It is good to see the Stock Inspectors pulling together. They have most important work to perform, and they are doing it wonderfully well. Our State, from the livestock point of view, is one of the healthiest countries in the world. Perhaps it is the healthiest. Some very bad diseases have been stamped out altogether, and other diseases are controlled. Much of this is due to the practical knowledge, constant vigilance, hard work and tactfulness of the Stock Inspectors.

Mr. Hamilton is country born and bred. Born at Guntawang, near Mudgee, he, as a young man, managed Cumberoona, in the Albury district—a very well-known dairying and fattening property.

All his life he has been in direct touch with the livestock industry, and he has been a constant advocate of the stockowners' point of view. He knows the stockowners' difficulty from first hand knowledge, and his desire is to help them. At present he is Stock Inspector of the Berrima, Picton and Kiama districts, with headquarters at Moss Vale.

Mr. E. A. Hamilton graduated at Hawkesbury Agricultural College, obtaining the Diploma and Special Dairy Certificate of that institution. He has always been an enthusiast in agricultural show matters. For a number of years he has been actively connected with the management of the progressive Berrima District A.H. &. I. Society of which he is a vice-president. He is a member of the Veterinary Board of N.S.W.


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