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Country Life Stock and Station Journal, Friday 9 May 1924, page 9


THESE pen and ink sketches were made by a stock inspector for the "Stock and Station Journal." We are not giving the name away! The men sketched attended the annual conference of the Stock Inspectors' Institute of N.S.W. and, speaking generally, the likenesses are good. We trust, anyway, that none of the men will feel he has grounds for libel!

The Hon. the Minister has a normal face which is hard to draw, and an enthusiasm, abnormal for his job, which is hard to beat.

S. T. D. Symons: Those who did not know the old chief missed something good in this life.

Braidwood has had the services of Mr. Mater as stock inspector for the past 40 years.

Bob Dawson, of Goulburn ; now over the three-score-and-ten limit. He has a solid record of work in the stockowners' interests.

Max Henry, M.R.C.V.S., Chief Veterinary Officer and boss protector of N.S.Wales' main source of wealth—its live stock.

Ticks, bugs, blowflies, lice, and other small, but active, enemies of the pastoralist are the care of Mr. Gurney, our Entomologist.

E. C. Bluett, secretary of the institute, looks true to label.

Superannuation Wearne—he is a well-liked officer in the Stock Branch.

Inspector Faulkner, of Narrandera.

W. J. Smith, by sitting heavily on the rabbit, has put the fear of drought in the Young district well in the background.


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