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Farmer and Settler, Friday 23 May 1924, page 10


Scientific Feeding




Well-Balanced Rations

Several addresses on supplementary foods, were given at the recent annual conference of the Institute of Stock of Inspectors. Mr. F. O. Sergeant, managing director of Thorpe's, Ltd., said that the feeding of live stock had not had the attention it deserved in Australia, where stock were largely fed on natural pastures. Under certain conditions this was sufficient, but as land become dearer and the country was subdivided into smaller areas, farmers would have to consider methods of securing larger returns. In this connection, the feeding of stock with supplementary foods would enter very largely. One of the greatest factors in the tremendous decrease in the numbers of sheep in Australia had been defective feeding.

The Minister for Agriculture (Mr. Chaffey) said that most Australian farmers did not realise the value of well balanced rations and paid no attention to the scientific feeding of stock. If well prepared supplementary foods were obtainable at reasonable prices there would be no need for the farmers to study scientific feeding, as it would be done for them. He stressed the importance and value of such feeding in times of drought and in the lambing season.

Mr. Max Henry (Chief Veterinary Officer) also emphasised the value of good supplementary foods, particularly as an aid in resisting stock diseases. Well fed animals were much less liable to disease than poorly fed stock.

Delegates were much interested by what they saw, during a visit paid to Thorpes, Ltd's., new factory at Homebush during the conference.



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