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Daily Advertiser, Friday 3 April 1925, page 2

Sydney Milk Supply




SYDNEY, Thursday.

Addressing the conference of inspectors of stock today Mr. M'Eachern said that in the Country districts there was a distinct increase in the care of animals and that greater attention was paid to incipient diseases. Another delegate, said the country reeked with black disease but owners refused to speak of it, as it was felt that to do so would give the district concerned a bad name. In one case, he added, the prevalence of black disease got into the papers and the sale of sheep in that district ceased at once.

The conference passed a resolution that the result of inoculation experiments at Gundagai by the Department should be made available to the conference.

The bacteriologist attached to the Dairy Farmers' Coop. Milk Co. told the institute of stock inspectors that tuberculosis in human beings was rapidly dying out in N.S.W., thanks to the good work of the stock inspectors, and its bacilli was rarely found in milk today.

Mr. E. A. Hamilton said that in thousands of milk examinations he had witnessed he had never known of one instance where tubercular bacilli had been traced.

Mr. T. Y. Bloomfield, chief inspector of the dairy branch of the Health Department, described the Sydney milk the purest in the world.


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