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Glen Innes Examiner, Thursday 3 March 1927, page 4





Inspector's Absence From Meetings


At Tuesday's P.P. Board meeting advice was received that the annual conference of the Institute of Stock Inspectors would be held on April 5, 6, 7 and 8, and it was requested that facilities be accorded the local inspector to attend the conference.

Dir. Wrigley moved that permission be given Mr. Kenny to attend the conference.

Dir. Sloman said that at last conference the delegates were moving motions dealing with Board matters.

Dir. Wrigley stressed that from these annual gatherings the stock inspectors obtained a great deal of information, which was passed on to the landholders.

Dir. Sloman said it was hard to know the real strength of business at conference. At last conference matters quite apart from veterinary subjects were discussed.

Dir. Wetherspoon was of opinion that the boards of the country reaped no reward from the conference.

Dir. Wrigley thought that facilities should be given the inspector to get all the Information he possibly could.

Dir. Sloman said he was not opposed to the conference if the delegates concentrated on scientific matters.

There was no seconder to the motion, and it accordingly lapsed.


Later in the meeting Dir. Wetherspoon referred to the absence of the stock inspector from the meeting, and declared that it was that official's duty to attend the meetings. He would like to know where the inspector was.

The Secretary said he understood that Mr. Kenny was at Linwood, whereupon Dir. Wetherspoon observed that Mr. Kenny was also absent from the two previous meetings. At last meeting, though Mr. Kenny was not present, when he (Dir. Wetherspoon) left the meeting room the first man he saw was the stock inspector. Trouble of this sort had not been experienced with the previous inspector.

The Chairman said he had received no apology from Mr. Kenny for absence from that day's meeting. On the occasion of a previous meeting, the inspector had rung him up and told him he would be absent on a departmental mission. It was strange, however, that he should be called away so frequently on meeting days.

Dir. Sloman: The inspector should certainly let the Chairman know where he is on meeting days.

Dir. Wetherspoon declared that the inspector was ignoring the Board. He was overlooking the fact that be owed a certain duty to the Board.

It was resolved to make a record of the discussion in the minutes.


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