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Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday 29 March 1928, page 9



When the conference of the Institute of Inspectors of Stock resumed yesterday, the annual report of the union was adopted. The report stated that salaries had been increased by about 10 per cent., and in view of the increases received by other bodies, the amount was as much as could be expected. However, the increase was the first that had been received by members for six years, and the benefit was more apparent than real. The committee had been assured that arrangements would be made for a number of Inspectors to receive instruction at the Glenfield school later in the year. Owing, to the shortage of the staff at Glenfield, the usual school was not being held at the time of the conference. The committee had recorded with pleasure that every stock Inspector employed under the P.P. Act. with four exceptions, was a member of the Institute. Three of the non-members had been appointed recently, and doubtless had every intention of joining.

The remainder of the day was taken up with private business.



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