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Farmer and Settler, Thursday 5 April 1928, page 6

Stock Inspectors


Royalty on Opossums

At the closing session of the conference of the Institute of Inspectors of Stock in Sydney last week, it was decided, on the motion of Mr. T. Freeman (Corowa) that it be recommended to the Chief Secretary through the stock branch that when a license was granted under the Birds and Animals Protection Act to destroy opossums the person to whom the licence was granted should be required to pay to the Crown a bonus of 5/ on each skin.

Mr. H. Copland, of Moree, moved that for the purpose of shearing, crutching, or dipping, the board, on the advice of the inspector, might grant short period permits on any travelling stock route or camping reserves, the rate chargeable to be fixed by the Pastures Protection Board, and the sheep, while being held for any of these purposes, to be under the control of the inspector for the district. The motion was carried.

The annual conference of the Institute of Stock Inspectors concluded on Friday with a discussion on the result of resolutions carried at the previous conference. During the year the inspectors were granted an increase in salaries of 10 per cent., and Mr. F. F. Forster (Goulburn) and Mr. C. T. Woollett (Tamworth), who were on the conciliation committee, were warmly thanked for their efforts. A wristlet watch was presented to Mr. Forster, and Mr. Woollett was the recipient of a case of cutlery. The programme concluded with an excursion to Taronga Park Zoo.


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