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National Advocate, Saturday 22 February 1930, page 6







When a letter from the Institute of Stock Inspectors, asking that facilities should be granted to the stock inspector (Mr. C. Furness) to attend the annual conference of stock inspectors in Sydney in April, was read at yesterday's meeting of the Bathurst P .P. Board, it was pointed out that the Council of Advice had recommended that the expenses of stock inspectors attending such conferences in the future should not be defrayed by the Boards, but by the officers themselves.

The Chairman (Director R. C. Webb) said the Council of Advice had acted, he understood on the recommendation of Mr. Max Henry, the Chief Inspector of Stock. At the same time there was nothing to prevent stock inspector from attending the conference at his own expense.

The Stock Inspector (Mr. Furness) : The Government have refused to pay us anything towards it.

The chairman said there was a suggestion that the Stock Inspectors' Institute, as at present constituted, had become to some extent dictatorial towards the P. P. Boards as to what they should do and what they should pay. In other words, it was looked up on by many boards as a union or association which unfortunately to some extent, was fighting against the boards. Therefore it was the introduction of that element that had led to the attitude of the Council of Advice to advise the Boards to consider the question of ceasing to pay the expenses referred to.

The stock Inspector questioned whether the state of affairs mentioned by the chairman really existed. He did not believe there was a dictatorship.

The chairman quoted a case in which a representative of the Institute had treated the Council of Advice with contempt. The Institute had apologised for his attitude.

Mr. Furness said he did not know what reasons had actuated the discontinuance of the expenses, but it was a miserable and paltry thing to do. Local conferences were of little benefit to the stock inspectors compared with the conferences in Sydney where the delegates were afforded the opportunity of taking part in instructive lectures.

Director Williams moved that Ministerial authority be sought for the Board to grant the stock inspector the usual travelling allowance of £5 to attend the conference. He said that it was up to the Board to do that as Mr. Furness was a valuable officer.

Director Gordon seconded the motion which was carried.


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