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Northern Star, Wednesday 2 April 1930, page 9





SYDNEY, Tuesday.


Opening the annual conference of the New South Wales Institute of Stock Inspectors today, the Minister for Agriculture (Mr. Thorby) said that many people were inclined to be too pessimistic.

"We are faced with very serious problems" lie said, "but they are not so serious that they cannot be overcome. "We were faced with much more difficult problems in 1914-19 and they were overcome with much greater sacrifices than anyone will be called upon to make now.

"In the pastoral industry, said Mr. Thorby, tens of millions of pounds had been lost through losses in stock and the slump in wool which had brought men hitherto in substantial circumstances into a very difficult position.

Without rural industries, he went on, Australia could get nowhere.

The committee of the institute in its annual report referring to the expiry of the award this year said that reductions in salary must be strenuously opposed.

Mr. Thorby said that if the Government had to ask sacrifices it would not be afraid to do so, not only from the public service, but also from all the people. No section could afford to be so selfish while there were tens of thousands out of work as to say that they did not care. Every man in Australia was entitled to a living and no one was entitled to two.


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