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Northern Star, Tuesday 9 September 1930, page 4




Salaries Reduction


Directors of the Tweed-Lismore Pastures Protection Board met in the board rooms, Lismore, yesterday morning. There were present Messrs. A. J. Clark (chairman), G. Cooke, R. E. Walker, A. C. Pratt, D. Crawford, T. C. King, J. Kennedy, D. Cooke,. S. C. Edwards (inspector) and C. A. Munro (secretary).

J. Bender wrote stating that the Whiporie camping reserve was over-run with horses and cattle and it was unsafe to leave cattle therein over night. Two gateways were wanted. The complaint was referred to the inspector for a report. The chairman was empowered to act on receipt of the inspector's report.

B. Nobbs, Stoker's Siding, wrote stating he had not yet received a lease of the reserve at hie Five Ways (Stoker's Siding). The undergrowth on the reserve had grown again since the fire. The secretary said that gazettal approval had been given and it was decided to have a lease prepared. Mr. Nobbs is to be asked to pay half the cost.


Mr. C. J. Woollett, president of the Institute Stockowners of N.S.W., wrote stating that the award for stock inspectors expired on September 10 and a new claim had been lodged. Although the duties of stock inspectors had increased enormously since the award was made three years ago, owing to the depression the inspectors had not asked for an increased, although the added duties entitled them to an increase. The Institute of Stock Inspectors requested that the board should not apply for a reduction of the salary of the stock inspector under the Public Service (Salaries Reduction) Act, but that the matter be determined by the Conciliation committee.

Mr. Kennedy said that the position of Australia was one which every man had to face. The salaries of every public servant, with the exception of Federal servants, had been reduced. "What we wiil have to decide is whether we agree with what has been done in applying for the reduction," said Mr. Kennedy.

Mr. Pratt said that until recently the inspector's duties had increased. A recent rearrangement of staffs eliminated a great deal of the inspector's extra duties. The board's officers, as far as the inspectors were concerned, were better off now than they were, six months ago. "Our officers are really not Government servants, although they are public servants," he continued. The stockowners of the district found the salaries in these cases.

Mr. Kennedy moved that the matter be left in abeyance until after the meeting of the Conciliation committee later this year, and that the Institute of Stock Inspectors' be advised of this action.

Mr. Walker seconded the motion.


The chairman explained that at the annual conference of the P.P. Boards' of New South Wales, a motion was carried asking the P.P. Board Council of advice to approach the Government requesting that in the bill then before the House provision be made for a reduction of public service salaries, including stock inspectors. The Lismore board was represented. It was thought then that one general motion would have covered the whole of the boards in New South Wales. At the conference at which this resolution was carried, went on the chairman, there were present representatives from 48 different P.P. Boards in the State. It was thought that the request through the Council of Advice would save the boards applying individually and the resolution was forwarded to the Under-Secretary to the Treasury. A reply had been received which stated that while P.P. Boards could be brought under the scope of the Act, the application, under Section 5 to amend the schedule had to be made under the common seal of the individual boards.

Mr. Crawford moved as an amendment that the board make application to come under the Salaries Reduction Act. He admitted that the suggested action was rather distasteful, but everyone would have to make sacrifices.

There was no seconder to the amendment and the original motion was carried.

The following financial statement submitted by the secretary was adopted :—Pastures Protection fund credit £140 6s 4d. reserves improvement fund £30 0s 4d. The board has £1500 at fixed deposit, £500 of which matures in December.


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