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Lachlander and Condobolin and Western Districts Recorder, Wednesday 13 May 1931, page 5

P. P. Boards


The usual monthly meeting of the Condobolin Pastures Protection Board was held last Thursday. Present, Directors Hope, Moulder, Mooney, Maxwell, Gavel, Reardon, Dawson and McLellan.

The above constituted the new Board, which the first-named six were also members of previous boards. Director Hope briefly took the chair (being chairman of the old board) and stated that the first business was to elect a chairman for the current year. He then vacated the chair and asked the secretary (Mr. E. A. Hughes) to conduct the election.

Dr. Reardon said he believed in the position going round from time to time. He had much pleasure in nominating Dr. Moulder. In seconding the motion, Dr. Maxwell said he was of the same opinion, that the honour should be sent round. Supporting the nomination, Dr. Dawson said Dr. Moulder should prove a very capable man in the position. There being no other nomination, the secretary declared Dr. Moulder elected.

Dr. Moulder took his position, and thanked directors for the honour or electing him as their chairman. He trusted that he would be able to carry out the duties of the position in a manner satisfactory to all concerned.

Dr. Reardon then nominated Dr. Mooney for the position of deputy chairman. He considered it was a fitting thing to have a deputy. In seconding the nomination, the new chairman said he would like the board to understand that he would like to have Director Mooney as his deputy. No other nomination, Dr. Mooney was declared elected.

Dr. Mooney thanked them for the honour conferred upon him. If ever called upon to take the chair, he would do his best to carry on the business in a proper manner.

The Chairman then welcomed the two new directors, Dawson and McLellan. Both had put up a wonderful score at the election, showing clearly that it was the wish of the ratepayers that they should represent them. Personally, he considered the electors were wise in their choice and had chosen good men. He also welcomed the old members back again and congratulated them on their return.

Dr. McLellan thanked the Chairman for his kind remarks of welcome. He was only afraid that, he had been too ?ering. However, he hoped the confidence of the electors would not be misplaced.

Dr. Dawson thanked the Chairman for his remarks. He hoped he would be able to carry on in the board in the best interests of the ratepayers.


Council of Advice, re the appointment of delegate to the annual conference in Sydney on May 27 and 28. This had been held over from previous meeting pending election of chairman. Resolved on motion of Drs. Gavel and Mooney that the Chairman be appointed delegate, and that the usual expenses be granted him. The Chairman said he would like it left optional for him to appoint a substitute in the case of his inability to attend when tje time comes. This was agreed to.

Ford Bros., Bobadah, asking the Board to reconsider its previous resolution not to pay a bonus on hawks. The letter stated that 25 per cent. of new lambs this year have been destroyed by hawks, and they had already trapped 130 of the vultures. It further stated that the Overflow station gave 2/- per head destroyed on the property. Considering the request, the Chairman said the Board cannot go into the matter as the rates have been struck and it would he impossible to alter them now, especially to cover any extra cost such as this proposal. Resolved, on motion of Drs. Reardon and Maxwell, that Ford Bros, be replied to accordingly.

Balranald P.P. Board, with reference to the proposed abolition of P.P. Boards, and advising that Boards take a referendum on the question. The Secretary said it was something on the lines of what had already been seen by this board. Filed for reference.

Mr. W. F. Lloyd, official assignee, investigating that the public examination in connection with the bankruptcy of Mr. Whinfield will he held at Tottenham on 13th May. The Secretary said the board was not much affected, so it was decided that, if possible, the stock inspector attend at the examination and watch the board's interest.

Mr. J. McCrane, now recommending appointment of Mr. S. L. Field as permit inspector for Tullibigeal. In a previous letter, when tendering his resignation, he mentioned Mr. Moneg? but that gentleman was not inclined to accept if anyone else could be found. Dr. Reardon said Mr. Field would be a very good man for the position. He moved that the necessary steps be taken to complete his appointment. Seconded by Dr. Mooney and carried.

Stock and Brands Branch, with reference to water provision on the Euabalong-Nymagee. T.S.R. The work is now proceeding in excavating a tank of ?0,700 cubic yards and a silt tank ?000 yards. The work is being carried out by day labour as an unemployment relief work. If the whole of the money allotted for the work be not absorbed, consideration will ge given to necessary improvements on other parts of the Euabalong-Nymagee T.S.R. The Chairman remarked it would turn out a very expensive tank. Dr. Hope said he still thought that the board should write a further letter very strongly protesting against the action taken by the Public Works Department. After an officer calling here and getting the board's opinion, they absolutely ignored and went on, without further word, with this huge tank, instead of the four the board recommended. He moved accordingly. In seconding the motion, Dr. Gavel said it was nothing less than pure waste of money and bad administration. The Chairman, in answer to a question by Dr. McLellan, said it was being done for the relief of the unemployed at Euabalong and that they were having a real good time of it. Dr. McLellan then said he could understand why it will cost so much. Dr. Reardon said they sent an officer along here and he was put on the right track, and then they still took no notice to the board. They would probably do the same with the board's letter if they send one. Motion carried.

Stock and Brands Branch, further with reference to the road purchase application by K. G. Menzies. The original application came before the local land board, who recommended that application, but it was subsequently refused by the Minister. It is now to be sent back again to the land board. It was resolved that the hoard go into committee to discuss this further application, so no publicity is available.

Council of Advice, in reply to the board's letter re the fixing of travelling stock rates under the recent reduction system. The rates are now seven pence per 100 head of sheep or portion thereof for every ten miles of travel or portion thereof, and nine pence for every 25 head of large stock or portion thereof for every ten miles of travel or portion thereof. These charges of seven pence and ninepence are in lieu of the old charges of ten pence and one shilling. The secretary (Mr. E. A. Hughes) pointed out that, in view of this reduction, there would be some cases where the board would lose by making the old payments to the permit inspectors. To bring these into line, it was resolved, on motion of Drs. Gavel and Maxwell, that the commissions to permit inspectors be three pence permit issued up to and not exceeding 10/-, four pence per permit btween 10/- and not exceeding 20/-, all over that to be two & a half per cent. of the permit, but not exceed 10/- on any one permit.

Stock and Brands Branch, directing attention to the fact that in the balance sheet for the year 1930 appeared an item of £4 paid to Mr. Stock Inspector O'Neill towards his expenses in attending the conference of the Institute of Stock Inspectors. No. authority was asked for this payment, nor should it have been allowed in view of the recent regulation that no expense was to be allowed inspectors for attendance at such conferences. Asked for his opinion, Mr. O'Neill said he thought it was quite understood that it was the wish of the board that he attend the conference, that by the information he would gain it would be also for the benefit of the board. He attended with the full belief that he was to be paid out of pocket expenses, and be had charged nothing but for the five days of actual attendance at the conference. No other charge was made. That was for the conference last year; for the conference this year, which he recently attended, he did not expect any expenses, for the regulation was in force that the board could not pay any, but he did expect to be paid for the 1930 one. However, should the board think he should refund the £4,. he would willingly do so. The Chairman said he was fairly of the opinion that the board should pay it. The stock inspector went away under the impression that he would be paid, or otherwise he may not have gone. Dr. McLellan considered that if it was in the power of the board it should still pay it. Dr. Reardon said they should stand by the inspector. Dr. Maxwell was of the same opinion. Dr. Hope explained that originally the stock inspector was paid his expenses to these conferences, but recently an alteration was made through the stock and brands branch, thinking they were going to hold the conferences in different country towns, in which case the inspectors would have to stand their expenses; but that did not come off, and the board thought the old conditions would continue and that the board should pay the expenses of the stock inspector. The secretary said he did not make any application for authority to pay this £4, thinking there was no necessity, especially when there was no train fare attachd to it. The Chairman suggested that they write and point out the circumstances, that the regulation preventing payment was not in force at the time the 1930 conference was held. Acting on this suggestion, Drs. Hope and Mooney moved accordingly, the letter to emphasise the point that the board pays a good sum annually to the support of scientific research and that it is by the attendance of the stock inspector at these conferences that the board gets any benefit in return for such support.


Solicitors Driffield and Hodby, with reference to warrant issued against a certain person for not paying his court fine. Same had been issued but not served at date of meeting. No further time will be lost in having it put into action.

Stock Inspector. Monthly report stated the pastoral and agricultural outlook was good, water supply good, condition of stock good, state of T.S.R's. good for both water and feed. Rabbits are increasing, but owners are carrying out the board's orders. District looking splendid—never better. Lambing should be very good. Avenues of stock traffic have had special attention paid to the destruction of burrs and other noxious weeds. Judging by the condition of the sheep, the coming shearing should prove a good one. Farmers have been busy sowing and getting land ready for sowing. Inspected 201 head of cattle and 5275 sheep.

Other reports by stock inspector:

Re application by W. Gannon for a portion of the Derriwong reserve. This reserve is entirely requird in the interests of travelling stock and the travelling public. It is situated on the main Forbes-Parkes T.S.R. and is one that is very widely used, and I cannot advise a revocation in any portion of same, as it is all required. Board concurred.

T.S.R. 17085, parish Corringaie. Am not in favour of the revocation of the area asked for, and recommend the revocation of another area instead, which is the more useful of the two areas in the interests of travelling stock. The lake (Cowal) bed is more often covered with water than not. The T.S.R. is very largely used by travelling stock, both cattle and sheep. The route today is not sufficient in ordinary times to feed the traffic that makes use of it. Board concurred.

Revocation of travelling stock reserve No. 23558, parish Murrengreen. Official word has been received that the parts between portions 52 and 54 have been revoked.

Reports of Rabbit Inspectors Moulder and Tough showed no holding unsatisfactory on second inspection.


Many applications were received for extension of time in which to pay overdue wire netting instalments. All were recommended to the minister for favourable consideration.

Two wire-netting applications were approved of.

Resolved, on motion of Drs. Reardon and Hope, that the Jamalong Shire Council be written to, asking that the star thistle on part of the Forbes road be cut, also the Goobang shire with reference to burrs on road to Yarrabandai.

Stock Inspector informed the meeting that 200 T.S.R. notice boards had been obtained. These will be placed where necessary.

The financial position of the board was discussed for some time, and in order to enable liabilities on the general fund to be met, it was decided to draw on reserves improvement account for a transfer.


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