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Lachlander and Condobolin and Western Districts Recorder, Wednesday 17 February 1932, page 3

P.P. Board


The ordinary monthly meeting of the Condobolin Pastures Protection Board was held at the board room last Thursday. Present: Directors Moulder, Dawson, McLellan, Reardon; Gavel, Maxwell and Hope.


Lachlan Shire Council, asking the board to have that portion of trunk-road No. 61 through Borambil, Grassmere, and other holdings to the bound ary of Bede Mooney's property, declared a travelling stock route. Held over for further inquiries.

Lachlan Shire Council, to the effect that work had been commenced on the portion of Bobadah-Tottenham road near the board's tank, On the understanding that the board contribute half the cost.

Condobolin Municipal Council, intimating that it will cooperate with the board in the destruction of noxious weeds within the municipality on the terms suggested by the board.

Secretary Euabalong common (R. M. Thompson), with, respect to noxious weeds. To be informed that the property referred to is within the Hillston P. P. District.

Stock and Brands Branch, giving ministerial consent to the fencing of the road at the back of the experimental farm at the cost of £46.

Institute of Stock Inspectors, notifying that the annual conference will be held on March 15, 16, 17, and 18, and asking that usual permission be granted for stock inspector to attend same.

Resolved that the necessary permission be granted for stock inspector to attend same. Resolved that the necessary permission be granted and that the board ask for departmental approval to pay the inspectors's expenses.

Stock and Brands Branch, notifying that the salaries of stock inspectors had been reduced by 8½ per cent as from the first of December, 1931, to the 31st May, 1932 but any board may, if so desired, continue to pay the old salary. It was resolved that the reduction be made.

Auditor Arthur S. Lea, submitting report of his audit of the books and accounts of the board. This was an excellent report in every way and the board highly complimented Secretary Hughes.

Louis A. Schulz, complaining of Inspector J. Tough's report respecting the state of rabbit proof fence. It was resolved to inform him that the board has every confidence in its officer, that it takes exception to his remarks, and calls upon him to make an apology for same.

Acting District Surveyor, Forbes, intimating that the holding of G. M. Harrison comprising H.F. 25/13 is infested with rabbits. Referred to rabbit inspector for attention.

Under-Secretary for Lands, under date 14th January, on the subject of overdue wire-netting instalments, and in reply to the board's resolution carried at the December meeting to the effect that a letter of protest be sent stating that the board cannot see its way clear to send out to settlers the declarations issued by the Lands Department, as it was considered too drastic at the present juncture. Particular part of the letter read as follows:—"I have to inform you that the experience of the department is that many settlers who are actually in a position to meet their land and wire netting payments are taking advantage of the existing financial situation to apply for concessions to which they are not entitled; in other cases it is found that they are meeting their interest payments to banks and other financial institutions, and that the debts due, directly or indirectly, to the Crown are their last consideration. In these circumstances the Minister has had no option in the case of land payments but to request settlers to give a frank statement of their financial position, as they would certainly have to do if they desired a similar concession from their banks or agents, and this also applies to their wire netting debts. The information is only asked for so that the really genuine cases may be distinguished ,and consideration extended to those deserving it. I have also to point out that, strictly speaking, the debt, is one due by the board to the Crown, and should be met from the board's funds, as the instalments become due. Indeed some of the board's follow this course and in such cases are entitled to retain any interest paid by the settlers on overdue instalments.

Arthur S. Lea, applying for reappointment to the position of auditor to the board, on same fee as last year. Norman J. Hankin, applying for the position of auditor to the board. He stated a price that was under Mr. Lea's. It was resolved to call for applications by advertisement in the "Lachlander." Such being the case it would not be right for us to now state the amounts asked by each applicant. That will be done when the board makes its decision.


Stock Inspector's usual monthly report stated that the agricultural and pastoral outlook was good, water supply good, condition of stock good, state of t.s.r's good. Inspected 1500 head of cattle and 29,000 sheep. Rabbits increasing. Stock Insppector, with reference to application from the District Surveyor, Forbes, asking as to any objection to disposal of C.R. 24336, parish of Bundaburra. The board was strongly opposed to the disposal of the whole or any part of the reserve. (This is the reserve opposite Mr. Thos. Dunn's, on the Trundle road.)

Rabbit Inspector I. W. Moulder reported that the holding of C. A. Isbestor had fallen hack to the Crown, is rabbit infested and a menace to adjoining holders. Also reported that block held by Ivor Broadbent has been abandoned and the rabbits are a menace to adjoining holders.

Reports of both rabbit inspectors showed no holding as unsatisfactory under second inspection conditions, but a number of holdings were unsatisfactory on first inspection conditions. Four applications received for extension of time in which to pay overdue wire netting instalments. The board's questionnaire is to be sent them to fill up and return. The applications of several who had filled in the questionnaire were recommended for favourable consideration by the Minister.

Wire netting applications from P. Ward, F. P. Ward and M. R. Ward were recommended, subject to the usual search. That of A. G. McCumstie was referred back to him for further particulars.


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