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National Advocate, Saturday 19 March 1932, page 1




The splendid pastoral and agricultural outlook was referred in the report of the Stock Inspector (Mr. C. O. Furness) at yesterday's meeting of the Bathurst P.P. Board.

"The rains just fallen appear to be general and sufficient to give a great start to pasture thus brightening the prospects for a good winter for stock. Although the rains were late for summer crops, wonderful good was derived in many instances," he added.

"Cultivation for general crops will now start on every hand. Reserves were generally getting short of feed and in some instances water. That condition is now altered.

The Health of stock of all kinds has been good. Their condition remains splendid.

During the month the inspector visited as many reserves as possible in respect to trespass and campers. The sign for the Mt. Pleasant reserve will be erected within a few days.

The dam at the Sale Yard reserve was started and unfortunately had been flooded by extraordinary storm water from the Bald Hill area. Work for the present had been suspended until weather conditions were favorable.

During the month all veterinary officers, stock inspectors, etc. were notified that all leave of absence would be curtailed until further notice and until all stock from the northern areas were proved to be clean. For this reason the stock inspectors' conference had to be postponed.


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