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Farmer and Settler, Thursday 6 April 1933, page 10



Fire Branding Barbarous and Cruel


"Fire branding of pigs as carried out today is nothing short of barbarous," declared Mr. S. J. Woollett, president, at the Stock Inspector's Conference in Sydney on Tuesday. He added that he had seen pigs with as many as five and six fire brands on them, and he added that something should be done to prevent such cruelty.

Mr. Woollett showed to the conference a tattoo branding implement of a type used in Chicago (U.S.A.), and also by a Brisbane pig buyer. The implement is illustrated in this column. The brand consists of a number of needles (gramophone needles in this instance) inserted into the head of the instrument in letter form. To use the brand the needles are dipped into printer's ink, and the pigs are tattoo branded by giving them a sharp tap with the brand. The tattoo brand thus formed (Mr. Woollett said) lasted for four months in the case of the experiment that he made. This method was not only effective, but also much more humane than fire branding.



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