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Albury Banner and Wodonga Express, Friday 7 April 1933, page 12





In opening the annual conference of the Institute of Inspectors of stock of New South Wales in Sydney on Monday, the chief veterinary surgeon (Mr. Max Henry) referred to the financial position of the grazier as an important factor in the development of the rabbit plague. One of the most important duties of the stock inspectors at the present time was the control of the rabbit pest, said Mr. Henry. This was not the first time that there had been a rabbit plague and possibly it would not be the last. There had been no unusual features contributing to the increase in rabbits such as a variation in prolificacy. The prime factor appeared to be the financial position of the graziers. A contributing cause was the favorable seasons experienced in the western districts, which allowed the pest to breed rapidly. There was not the slightest doubt that the position would eventually go back to its former satisfactory state. Already reports indicated that the situation was improving, and the dry spell in the west at present was causing the death of great numbers of the pest.


In an address entitled "Some External Parasites of Stock," Mr. R. N. M'Culloch dealt with the merits and limitations of jetting in the control of the blowfly. During last autumn in a series of field tests, two new mixtures were compared with sheep dip and arsenite of soda, and showed up as definitely superior. The percentage of sheep struck during the six weeks' period of the test were, untreated, 20 per cent.; arsenite of soda and soap, 7½ per cent.; and lime arsenic or Paris green, 5 per cent. Although there was evidence that the mixture in general use could be improved, a great deal had not been ascertained yet to prove that jetting was a paying proposition. Personally, he thought it was and hoped to be able to show that it offered quite the cheapest way of protecting flocks from the fly.

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