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Glen Innes Examiner, Thursday 20 April 1933, page 3



The Manufacture of Licks


On Wednesday, April 5, a party of the country stock inspectors in Sydney for the conference paid a visit to the Vita-Lick factory at Miller's Point.

The stock inspectors were introduced by their president, Mr. C. J. Woollett, of Lismore, and accompanied by Mr. A. C. Blaxland, managing director, and Mr. J. J. Mackey, manager, the party of inspectors was conducted through the works, where the manufacture of the company's products, including stock licks, stock drenches, calf food, and such interesting processes as drying and compressing salt and minerals, were shown and explained to the inspectors.

At the termination of the inspection the visitors expressed pleasure at having been given an opportunity of seeing at first hand the company's manufacturing operations.

One of the speakers particularly referred to the company's system of having analyses made of all ingredients used in the manufacture of its products. For instance, the analysis of one ingredient of which a sample had been submitted to the company showed an appreciable quantity of arsenic in its composition. Another ingredient showed as high as 48 per cent. Silica.

The stock inspectors all agreed that the company's method of analysing the various ingredients, that go to make up the products was a most valuable safeguard for stockowners.

The experts recognised that the company's various analyses showed that stock owners who purchased ingredients for licks on the open market were running a risk of having deleterious substances supplied to them.

It was an interested party of experts, all of whom are closely in touch with the man on the land, that left the company's premises after a couple of hours well spent.


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