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The Sun, Monday 26 March 1934, page 11



Galvanised Burr Danger

ANOTHER destructive weed is carpeting the stock routes of the north-west and western districts of the State, and already has created a danger almost equal to that presented by prickly pear at its most luxuriant growth.

It is galvanised burr, described by Mr. C. J. Woollett (president), at the 14th annual conference of the Institute of Inspectors of Stock of N.S.W., today, as a saltbush, the color of galvanised iron.

"It is one of the worst things the State has had to deal with," said Mr. E. A. Lucas, stock inspector, Maitland.

"It Is worse than prickly pear, and no animals, except camels, can eat it."

"Whenever you see a strange plant in your district, the color of galvanised iron, get out and stamp it out," was Mr. Woollett's advice.

Too Many Bodies

Another speaker said he would class the weed as being second to prickly pear as a menace. Hundreds of farmers would be needed to deal with it in his district.

Mr. W. J. Smith (Young), suggested uniform administration to deal with the noxious weeds of the State.

There were too many separate bodies operating in the various districts, he said.

The conference was opened by Professor J. D. Stewart, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Science at Sydney University.



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