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The Sun, Tuesday 27 March 1934, page 10



Science Fights Disease

"The fight will be won," was the answer which Dr. I. Clunies Ross (parasitologist to the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) today gave to the question posed in his address to the Institute of Stock Inspectors—"The fight against disease; are we losing it?"

It seemed pardonable for people to become disheartened, as though the fight were going against us; but there was no need for depression, he said. Steady progress was being made.

"We find that tuberculosis in cattle is being gradually eradicated; a new light is suddenly thrown on the causation of footrot in sheep; a new conception is growing up of the interdependence of nutrition and disease. and of the need for new methods of animal husbandry," said Dr. Ross.

"Perhaps as striking as any other change which is taking place over the great sheep-raising areas of the tablelands and slopes is the gradual improvement of poor, natural pastures by artificial measures. "The pastoral industry is destined to see a great increase not only in its sheep population but in the human population which it maintains."


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