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Macleay Chronicle, Wednesday 28 March 1934, page 8




Thursday last, at the quarterly gathering of the central executive of the Primary Producers' Union, Mr. George W. Gordon (vice-president) reported that little had been accomplished in the matter of organising the pig industry since the previous meeting of the executive. The existing position, both in Australia and in England, revealed the fact that such organisation was necessary. Unfortunately, despite many attempts to establish a Commonwealth organisation to protect the interests of the pig industry, the producers concerned had to date shown a disinclination to afford the necessary support.

It was decided, on the motion of Mr. R. C. Gibson (Richmond) that, as the pig sectional committee had arrived at a stage where it was impossible to proceed with the stabilisation of the industry by voluntary organisation with the curers, steps be taken to induce the Minister for Commerce to provide the necessary statutory power to bring this about.


At the annual conference of the Institute of Stock Inspectors of New South Wales in Sydney Monday last, Mr. Henry said Australia would have to become accustomed to the idea of small holdings of from 10 to 15 acres, because, unless this developent extended, it was difficult to see how the population could increase and maintain a decent standard. Perhaps he forgot to add for veterinary surgeons.


A train jumper attempting to board a train at Coff's Harbour last week slipped and broke an ankle. His mates pulled him onto the train, and on arrival at Kempsey the police took the injured man to the District Hospital for treatment.


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