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Albury Banner and Wodonga Express, Friday 5 April 1935, page 33


At the monthly meeting of the Hume P.P. Board there were present— Messrs. A. Robt. M'Laurin (chairman), H. Murdoch, Neil Ross, F. Paton, R. V. Ross, Miss H. Stewart (secretary) and H. L. C. Jones (inspector).


From Stock Inspector, re inspection of boundary fence, W. B. Elliott, The Glen, recommending concession of half rate.—Granted.

From C. M'Neill, Little Billabong, asking consent for him securing portion of Reserve No. 44428, to give him access to the road and provide him with an increase of area to his already small holding.—No action.

From. W. Matheson, Tumbarumba, asking board's consent to him applying for special lease, parish Tumba-Tumba.—Not entertained.

From H. G. Wright, applying for 20 coils of wire netting.—Granted.

From P. Gillard, Kyeamba Shire Council, asking that he be given authority to deal with travelling and straying stock on reserves in Kyeamba Shire.—No action.

From C. P. Fairbairn and Co., Woomargama, forwarding account for half share in repairing fence between their paddock and T.S.R. at foot of Bluemetal Hill.—Inspector to report.

From Shire of Holbrook, drawing attention to weeds on reserves.—To be attended to.

From J. S. Stewart, forwarding report on noxious weeds.

From P. Gillard, stating he had found St. John's Wort on M'Cracken's reserve and had dealt with same.— Action endorsed and to pay for salt used.

From T. B. Waters, Corryong, seeking reduction of rates.—Inspector to report.

From Council of Advice, stating that the annual conference would be held on Wednesday and Thursday, 29th and 30th May.—Mr. Murdoch appointed representative and nominated for a seat on the Council of Advice.

From Stock Inspector, seeking special leave to attend conference of inspectors of stock in Sydney from 15th to 18th April.—Granted.

From A. M'Inness, Wymah, stating he sent his returns to the Albury Board.

From W. Woodward, Rosewood, asking if board had objection to his applying for block of land in the village of Rosewood.—Inspector to report.


Mr. Paton stated he had two men willing to attend to the Welaregang Reserve. It was decided to vote £5 to Mr. Paton to have the work done.

Mr. Murdoch drew attention to the fencing on reserves throughout the district, and it was decided to leave the matter until an inspection was made by the directors.


It was decided that in the event of there being an election to fill the vacancy on the board caused by the resignation of Mr. Tresilian that the election be held on 7th May.


The stock inspector (Mr. H. L. C. Jones) reported:—"Since commencing duties in this district on the 25th February, I have had occasion to visit many centres in connection with my duties, more particularly with disease control work. In the areas visited, conditions appear satisfactory from the point of view of feed. The stock routes and reserves are carrying a fair body of grass and ample water supplies for travelling stock. All stock are in fair to good condition. In regard to fat lamb raising in this district, it is worthy of note that an owner in the Wolsely Park area recently topped the Sydney market with 171 Ryeland-cross lambs, which sold to £1/2/3 a head. This is a very creditable achievement. During the month the district veterinary officer visited the district and two days were spent inspecting the holdings on the Upper Murray above Jingellic and Khancoban. Advice was given owners regarding losses in their flocks and advice and assistance given in reference to the snail destruction campaign.

"On some holdings a definite plan of action has been undertaken for the eradication of fluke from the holdings by permanent improvements in the way of drainage, and it will not be long before one large holding at least, will have all springs and 'boggy areas under control. Such a line of preventive action, together with the broad casting of bluestone, will confer a great measure of protection against black disease and fluke infestation, without excessive expenditure of labor or money.

"A few dairy herds have been inspected during the month and two head of cattle destroyed. Stock at sale yards have been inspected and it is satisfactory to report that no lice or tick infested sheep have been met. with. It would appear that owners are alive to their responsibility in regard, to sheep they submit for sale, and it is hoped that this satisfactory condition will continue and thus avoid the penalty for offering lice or tick infested sheep for sale. A fair amount of work requires to be done on a number of reserves and I would suggest that a man be employed full time to attend to these jobs. Rabbits appear to be well under control within the Holbrook area, but in the upper reaches of the Murray are more plentiful, and attention is needed in respect to rabbit destruction on some of the reserves, especially Stedman's Reserve."

It was decided to employ a man permanently on the work of the reserves.


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