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Sydney Morning Herald, Tuesday 16 April 1935, page 11



May Become a Menace.




The president of the Institute of Inspectors of Stock (Mr. C. J. Woollett) expressed the fear yesterday that the Afghan hound might become a menace to sheep and cattle.

Mr. C. J. Woollett, opening the fourteenth annual conference of the Institute at the School of Arts, directed attention to the photograph of an Afghan hound which was published in the "Herald." He said it was acclaimed as a hunting dog, courageous, and powerful enough to pull down a leopard. That, he said was not pleasant knowledge to him. He feared the spread, over sheep and cattle country, of new breeds of hunting dogs. The advent of the Alsatian dog had disturbed the rural mind sufficiently without the trouble extending. Districts that at first championed the Alsatian dog had suddenly changed their views, and hardly was the Act authorising the local banishment of the breed proclaimed when they asked to be included under its operation.



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