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Sydney Morning Herald, Tuesday 16 April 1935, page 8



Disease in England and Australia.




Fowl paralysis appears to be widespread in England. Dr. R. H. Carne, veterinary surgeon told members of the Institute of Stock Inspectors at their conference yesterday and as it had manifested itself in Australia he thought investigations should be pursued to ascertain whether its spread here can be prevented.

Dr Carne recently returned from 12 months' research in England. He said that 70 per cent. of some thousands of birds examined this year were affected. The disease had appeared in South Australia and there had been several cases in New South Wales. In the pathological examinations conducted in England there was evidence that it was hereditable, rather than infectious. At any rate, he said it had assumed economic importance and should not be neglected here.

Dr Carne gave an interesting address on the progress of investigations into animal disease in Great Britain and specially mentioned the attention being given to a preparation of purified tuberculin for combating tuberculosis.



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