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Farmer and Settler, Thursday 25 April 1935, page 6



Annual Conference Held in Sydney

THE 14th annual conference of the Institute of stock Inspectors began its sittings in Sydney last week, when the president (Mr. C. J, Woollett, Lismore) introduced the chief veterinary surgeon (Mr. Max Henry) who performed the official opening.

Mr. Syd. Smith, former secretary of the Stock and Brands Branch, but now chairman of the Western Lands Board, addressed the assembled inspectors, as did Mr. Harvey, who has assumed Mr. Smith's former position. Professor Stewart, Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Science, a former chief veterinary surgeon, also spoke.

The following papers were read:—"The Sifting of Evidence," by Mr. Henry; "Observations on Veterinary Research in England," by Dr. R. H. Carne; "Recent Advances in Veterinary Parasitology," by Dr. I. Clunies Ross; "Pig Diseases," by C. J. Woollett; "Diseases and Complaints under Field Conditions," by Mr. Roy Stewart; "Grass-seed Abscesses and T.H.," by Mr. E. Reuss (Mudgee); "Stock Inspectors' Field Work," by Mr. E. A. Lucas (Maitland).

An excursion to the Glenfield research station, and a conducted tour of show stock were among the other activities of the conference.


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