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Sydney Morning Herald, Tuesday 7 April 1936, page 15



Annual Conference Opens.


Mr. Max Henry, chief veterinary surgeon of New South Wales, in welcoming members of the Institute of Stock Inspectors at their 17th annual conference yesterday, emphasised the necessity of blending suavity with the exercise of their skill.

The Department of Agriculture, he said, still found a substantial proportion of men on the land clinging to old habits and traditions and resenting the application of scientific discovery to the improvement of stock. They were often very trying to the soul of the inspector, but he must recognise that old-fashioned beliefs die hard amongst agriculturists. Tact and perseverance had already won amongst the great majority, and now, for the good name of the department, and the inspectors themselves, it remained for the unbelieving to be convinced that science, though a hard task-master, was a sound friend.


A discussion of cattle-stealing took place upon a motion by Mr. T. K. Ryan, Armidale, that in country districts every application for a large cattle brand should be accompanied by a declaration of the names of adjoining owners.

The conference decided to ask the Government to pass a pig-branding Act, to assist in the inspection for and eradication of tuberculosis amongst pigs. Mr. Max Henry said the Department of Agriculture had already drafted a bill.


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